According to constitutional law, To use our services on describing the terms correctly shows that Related to the use of the website, how personal information can be used.

1. What kind of data do we collect and why?

Browsing the Website:

As a customer, the website design is very flexible, which you Can go to any page of the site without any restriction and registering an account. But your IP address, country and non-personal information can be kept in a log file.

Additionally, browser language, browser type, referring URL, operating system and device platforms such as computer tablets mobile etc. The details are also recorded in the file along with the date and time of etc. Our website is designed to provide the right service to the customer.

Website Registration:

Account registration on the website depends entirely on the decision of the site, Which allows registration. But the need for any registration has not been seen yet. So there is no need to register on the website, Nor do we force the user to do this. If any changes are made regarding registration through the website in future, So its update will be included here.

In addition to the mandatory information, there is a username and email address to be registered as soon as the user submits his necessary information by filling the name and email in the account form. After that An email with the username and password is sent to the account holder shortly. User can change the account password at any time. As an adult website, the IP address of each visitor is strictly monitored.

Information to use:

As a vast website, we have browsing time content read, and visuals view Through the internet Quantity of data transferred looking at. It has the full right to enter the information of its users. The size and frequency of data used by the visitor can also be recorded. All the related information is uploaded on the website for registered and unregistered customers. Which is related to the respective account holder.

Information uploaded on the website:

User is informed that any activity on your registered profile publicly on the internet can be shared with other users. Information shared online like content, images, comments and reviews can be linked with other pages of the website. We have every right for this.

Website Correspondences:

When the user log-on into the website, every activity done by him is noted as an entry. So that the readability and user interest of the website can be improved, between the user and the linked page we reserve the right to save any correspondence. In this regard, we kept all kinds of legal rights to ourselves.


We are using our standards. Visitors to the website will track your browser session by sending cookies at a regular interval to the device.

We have session cookies, and it has the absolute right to use cookies continuously for any necessary purposes and website improvement in future.

2. Data Usage:

Data Usage: With the best website interface and design, We provide a wide range of facilities to our clients. Creating a personal relationship with visitors is our biggest and best priority.

We are continually working to make various features, interface improvements and service flexible for all types of customers. For which use the information provided by the user, Whose rights belongs to none other than us. We reserve the right to use all types of customer information to make the website flexible.

After examining the information thoroughly, Some vital information can be used to improve, maintain, optimize and better operate the website. Realizing the value of information given by customers are promotional and marketing messages sent to customers.

Such strategies are carried out without informing the customer. Using an email address, the website has full rights to use the contact information for non-marketing and administration purposes.

By Visitors visiting the website, We reserve the right to use features such as cookies and web beacons to track information provided.

As a regular visitor, You will not need to enter all the required information repeatedly. This facility is provided with personal information to customers for many types of service.

We keep following this approach to make our website highly effective and efficient. Total metrics such as the number of visitors and the page-view are estimated by continuously monitoring the web site’s pages to optimize them.

It provides all kinds of described information, Can be used for marketing strategies with further goals in mind. This approach will be based on the type of country and region the evidence of visitors to the website.

The data of visitors to the website can be merged collectively and according to need. We use data collection in the desired format for promotional campaigns.

That data can be shared with senior advisers and third-party marketers to create profiles for profile-raising purposes.

3. Disclosures of Information:

According to the requirement of the website, we may have to use the information given by the customers to fulfil many requirements. The site has full authority to enforce all the terms of services as a matter of law.

We, as the publisher of the website. In any legal matter, you can issue information to protect yourself. The site will have its full authority.

It is essential to understand that whenever there is a need to share any information with officers like a police department, So we will immediately be done for protection against any prosecution. It will not depend at all whether this rule is included in the terms or not.

If we get any fraud on our website through the notification to our customers, then any information will be sent to the concerned authorities.

Copyright owners must strictly follow the legal boundaries of the country defined by the link. Any uploaded content on the website can be notified immediately if the need for prosecution is felt.

4. Multifarious:

The website is completely password protected and through SSL (Secure Socket Layer), visitor sends the data of each session to the browser in an encrypted form. Which makes the visitor’s personal information very secure, And there is no scope for any insecurity.

But it is crucial for the user to use the service provided on the website with full responsibility. Our database will not be held responsible for passwords or any other information. Our website will not be liable for any person access to your account. We are fully empowered for this.

To make the website completely safe from external intruders, We use a variety of network security features. Such as data encryption and firewalls etc. These security measures are used to prevent database leaks at the business level.

But it is nevertheless informed that All information transmitted via the internet is not much secure. We can not ensure any complete guarantee against any database leakage.

So whatever information visitors share on website pages, It will be considered his own responsibility. The transmission of content on the page is at its own risk, and all legal rights related to it will remain with the website only.2